Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Jun 2, 2009


I realize it's been over a week since I've sorry! I wish I had the summer off but I don't! I have been incredibly busy with work (which I am thankful for) and now that it's hot outside...when I do get home, I want to take Little Miss Magic outside for some swimming fun! She is such a little joy!!! Sure gives me a reason to work we can play hard!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AUNT SUZIE, JUNE 1st!!! Suzanne is the most amazing sister and friend any girl could ask for and I am blessed to be her little sister!!! There are days I think Halle-Grace may be the "only" child based on the current adoption CRAP with the US, then I think about all the JOY in life that I have because of my sister:) Who knows what God has in store! We love you Aunt SUZIE!!!!

AND...Saturday, June 6th is DADDY'S BIRTHDAY!!! Jason will finally catch up with me in age! So, we have a lot of Happy Birthday songs to sing..and sing...and sing!!!
She is a DADDY'S GIRL...for sure!

I have a lot of new pics that I will upload to photobucket ASAP and share the link:)

Have a blessed day!