Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Mar 29, 2009

Halle-Grace says GO HEELS!!!


We are happy in the Devine home...the Tarheels won! How cool to have a National Championship Team this yearthe first March Madness for Halle-Grace and as much as the child LOVES to brush her teeth, she is bound to go to Dental School at Carolina! Honestly, she will brush her teeth for 15 minutes if you allow her too!
Enjoy the photos from today...outside, the wind was REALLY blowing but it felt great!!! I will load more's bedtime.

More Magic everyday!

We had an eventful weekend! Friday was Aunt Amy's birthday... Saturday was Papaw Ronnie's and his twin brother's birthday! We celebrated with the Cornwells and Halle-Grace entertained everyone! Lots of birthdays this weekend but she doesn't really dig cake? She does LOVE captain wafers, goldfish, cheerios and yogurt (if you can call that junk food??!!) Not what I consider junk food. Her dad LOVES sweets and I like everything!!!
Little Miss Magic had a photo shoot on Sat. and was too adorable for words. She modeled a beautiful pink sundress with a matching hat. We had a great time and her beauty amazes me!! Her personality is magical so she really just has us all wrapped!!! We enjoyed meeting baby Olivia and her parents during the shoot! Baby Olivia is a TRUE LITTLE BEAUTY herself! She is 6 months old and I know we will see her face on tons of advertisements! Olivia's mom was especially great with Halle-Grace and helped keep her focused:) That is a GREAT accomplishment by the way! Halle-Grace is ONE BUSY girl!

I have our Easter cards ordered and snapfish delivered over 500 I have LOTS of pics to place in albums! FUN FUN FUN!!! I love reading other blogs and have learned there are some REALLY talented photographers out there. At night (when I should be getting all the shut eye I can) I find myself reading my HENS blogs first...then I venture out there and LOVE finding other adoption blogs! It warms my heart and gives me a sense of "belonging" to the other families who have been blessed through the miracle of adoption. There are two blogs I have found that have spectacular pics and ONE day, I too will master my camera and get some SUPER FABULOUS photos. Don't get me wrong, Halle-Grace is beautiful regardless but I LOVE photography and I really want to be an expert someday!!! I think part of life (as an old adult..LOL) is continuing to learn and explore and master is a definite interest of mine! It is truly a learning experience. Working full-time makes it difficult to "play around" with pics a lot...I love my camera for the simple fact that it takes great photos without me having to do anything but aim, shoot! I have different lenses and there are TONS of settings that I want to learn more about so I can get all of the amazing "features" that really catch my eye...someday I will so stay tuned! The cool thing about photography is "personal style". You may like blonde hair and blue eyes, I love dark hair and dark eyes (I wonder why? HA) I LOVE asparagus and some people think it is not too tasty...the same with photos...not that the "subject" looks bad...I am talking about the look of the photo (effects, etc). The two blogs I mentioned above. I LOVE IT ALL!!!! So enough about pics for today, I should be learning about my camera and lens that Jason gave me...

TQ families are sending aide to the orphanage for the sick children. If you would like to help, I can get you the information for the contact person who is heading things up.