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Dec 18, 2009

Miss Magic LOVES the stage!!!


Little Miss Magic Spreading Holiday Cheer

This week has been a GREAT one!!! It's Friday night, the Christmas trees are on throughout the house and there is SNOW on the ground!!! This week has been incredibly busy for our little STAR! She had her Christmas Play at MMO

HG and Neleigh
and last night she had her DANCING DEBUT with Step-N-Out ...let me tell you...SHE WAS a COMPLETE HAM!!
She LOVES the stage!!! It's very evident! She had a BLAST!!! I hope we can find a way to load the's priceless! Hannah also danced with her hip hop class and her gymnastics team. She gets prettier everyday and is one talented girl! She is teaching hg everything she knows!
We are SO very blessed...I have presents to wrap so goodnight and enjoy the photos!
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