Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Jan 29, 2011

Love Knows NO Borders!

After 3 VERY LONG years, Saigon Skye (also known as Phan) is FINALLY home with her forever family! What a testimony! God has a way of knowing when people belong together! NEVER give up on your dreams of building your family! Saigon Skye and her forever family left Vietnam last night!
Jodi (her mother) was the first American (TQ family) I met in Vietnam back in August, 2008. She and her husband were so gracious to send Jason & I photos and even a video of Little Miss Magic.
Phan has been on my mind and heart all of this time! Words cannot express how estatic I am knowing she is FINALLY with her forever family! Tears of JOY are rolling :)