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Mar 3, 2009

Hopefully Little Miss Magic can make Mamaw Parker feel BETTER!

The snow is melting...SO, Halle-Grace is not a "wait around" kind of girl! She is ready for the sunshine and pool weather! She has been trying out some of her many swimsuits for the season and taking some adorable photos to boot! She changes DAILY! She is saying a lot. I love (can't quite get the "you" out)...She says, "I don't know" really fast! And her new thing is to bring us book after book and climb her tiny self up in our laps and let us read (speed reader is in a lower gear for now. LOL)! This just melts my heart and even though there are millions of things I should be doing...I can't resist! There will come a day (too soon) that she will not climb into my lap and do this...SO bring on the books baby girl! Gosh, I LOVE this baby!!!

Sadly, Mamaw Parker was admitted to the hospital today! I have to work in SC tomorrow but Jason & Halle-Grace are going to go for a visit. I will have to visit her on Thursday unless I get home in time. I know she doesn't have the internet but YOU all do so please say a special prayer for her. Halle-Grace is blessed to have two great-grandparents and we send special prayers up for Mamaw Parker!!! God Bless her!

...guess who had her toes painted PINK???