Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Dec 29, 2009

SO Blessed even with the "bug" CHRISTMAS PHOTO LINK....Enjoy!

If you are driving near our house...I highly recommend you turn around and go back to where you came from!!! We have a BUG running through our house! Poor HG has a virus and now J is sick! We took her to the doctor yesterday and she was once again the perfect little patient. No medicine for a virus...just TLC and icy pops (that's what she calls popsicles). Thanks for all the calls, texting, etc to check on us! Please say a prayer that I stay well so I can take care of HG & J! Even though we have a "bug" we are SO blessed! J & I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary two days before Christmas and we were able to spend Christmas with our families...
Christmas this year was a sad time as well, on December 21st, Jason lost a dear friend suddenly! Donald Ray's death was very unexpected and extremely heart breaking to say the least! Donald Ray and J became friends back in J's Air Force days. They both loved to fly and do all sorts of things together.....well, if you call what those two crazy birds did..."flying"! Just to give you an idea....Donald Ray owned a plane and his own landing strip in back of his granted this plane was a cesna 150 (I hated that darn plane, not to mention he "made/designed" a plane and crashed it twice...dear Lord, he was a funny bird)! One night, J and his CRAZY MOTHER (yes Judy, you are crazy for doing what you did) flew OUT of that landing strip (of grass and dirt) as Donald Ray sat in his truck shining the head lights down the "runway" for them to see!!!!!!! Dare devils to say the least!!! They were such good buddies and we LOVED eating Mexican with Donald Ray and Donna! She & Donald Ray were the first babysitters for Gabby...AND the first to introduce Gabby to "people food" that's another FUNNY story! There are many sweet memories and I can't believe he is really gone! If you are reading this and you know or don't know the Turlingtons, please say a prayer for Donna, Donald Ray, Jr. and Blare. They lost their dad and father way too soon! Yesterday would have been Donald Ray's birthday and today would have been their wedding anniversary!!! Just doesn't seem FAIR! It makes me so sad and I wish I could take Donna's pain away! Thank goodness for their is getting them through each day! Squeeze the ones you love, we are not promised tomorrow!
We are blessed, this bug will pass and God is Good!