Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Apr 27, 2010

Below is a poem I received from an adopted child who is now married and is truly making a difference in life. A huge advocate herself, she is fighting for a cure for cancer. If anyone can find a cure, Cydney has the determination and is constantly at work!
She wrote to me, "I love visiting your page and reading about your journey and your daughter. I am adopted and it is so special to me to view the experience through a mother's eyes. So, although we haven't met in person, I feel like I already know you...I'm grateful for you and the voice you give to the little girls who treasure mom's like you."

God Bless,

The Journey Home
Stop my fellow wanderer
Stand still on your path
Look up…Do you see Him?
Look beside you…Do you see them?

You and I were chosen

Yes, I too felt lost sometimes.
Crossing a bridge of uncertainty
With the battle of doubt ahead
But we were not unarmed…

You and I were chosen

Stop my fellow warrior
Look at the bridge you are standing on…
And see that it is yourself
Held strong by their choice.

We were never lost
We were just on the journey home.

Thank you Cydney! I will keep this poem for Halle-Grace always...and I hope we get to meet you soon.