Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Sep 9, 2009

LUAU Family Day....and so much more! CLICK here to see all photos from Luau & Family Day!

Miss Magic has so much going on in her life! She is one busy and HAPPY little girl! The Luau was a HIT! We had a wonderful time. I promise to attach a link of ALL the photos I took asap....busy week. She started dance and gymnastics this week and LOVES it and she also started "parents morning out" at a local church. The program they offer is TOPS! Last spring she attended two mornings. She is now attending four days (9-1pm) She LOVES her teachers and playing with the other children. She'll be two in November and it's time for the "interaction" and to begin learning all she can. She is like a sponge and is SOOOO smart! Her vocabulary amazes me! She talks ALL the time and is a SMART cookie!!!

Miss Magic's story continues......