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Nov 1, 2009

Bring back the MAGIC....

APP State Cutie
She loves her BIG Tacky Gold earrings (these clip on suckers are HEAVY)!!!
I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!!! Little Miss Magic was feeling GREAT last week and had so much fun...she had events at MMO daily...trick or treat "pj style",
HG and Ms. Alicia who she ADORES!!!
pumpkin carving, her Halloween Party at Dance
 and SO much more. Sadly, on Saturday afternoon she started feeling a little under the weather and my bumble bee quickly turned into a SEAL! She was coughing and making noises like a baby seal! CROUP! Sure enough, after a visit to the Children's Clinic today (thank goodness they are open on weekends) we have medication and she is already on her way to "spreading magic" around! Thanks to the multitude who have called, emailed, sent text messages, etc. checking on miss magic! She is quite contagious to say the least! The link below will take you to her Halloween album. I am SO thankful that I took her bumblebee costume photos early this year! AND, I absolutely LOVE her ASU Cheerleading outfit and she LOVED the tacky clip on earrings that she insisted wearing while she danced and cheered! She's a HAM people!!! Click here to view Miss Magic's Halloween 09 Album
Praying for Miss Magic to be back to 100% SOON and  praying for her buddy Trey who also has the croup! I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! I would LOVE to see photos!
Good report....Hunter & Hannah are feeling MUCH better and Nanny did great on Friday with her surgery and she is ready to go shopping again...OH MY! For most the prescription for wellness is REST and Therapy??...OH no, Nanny says it's RETAIL therapy!
Have a great week!