Building Families Through The Miracle Of Adoption

Mar 19, 2009


Hannah tried out for cheerleading tonight...not only did she make the squad, she received the HIGHEST score! GO HANNAH!!! Halle-Grace wants to be "JUST LIKE YOU" so I need to order her a mini-uniform for football season! We are SO proud of you and love you SO MUCH!

Little Miss Magic is 16 months old today!

Where is the time going? Her magical personality makes the time go SO fast! So what did our 16 month old do today? She had a great day with Maa Maa & PaPa and Abby! They went to the park and rode the Carrousel and she loved every minute of it. This evening we sang, dance (she can tap her toes), read books and yelled as loud as we could (Jason loves when we do that..HA HA). She laughs ALL the time and loves to play hide & seek ! She is really into books and LOVES to hula hoop on the Wii fit with me. NOW, try holding 17.5 pounds and hula hooping for 10 minutes!!! That is a workout! Much more intense than you might think!
She sings and it is the funniest thing I have EVER witnessed! She really gets into it! We have to video her and get a link on here!
Her vocabulary is really expanding and she is a smart cookie! Show her something once and she does not forget! She sleeps well and LOVES southern cooking *if Maa Maa cooks it* her hair is growing like crazy and she really gets prettier everyday. She is VERY friendly and out-going and she NEVER meets a stranger!!! She has a magical personality for sure and LOVES being a ham!
Her bladder is too big for her tiny diapers! She is still in a size 2...SO, when she sleeps, she gets on her tummy and pulls her knees up under her body...the diaper gaps open and the result is a wet bed, wet pjs & wet Halle-Grace! Poor thing!
I have to tell you Jason's latest....he went shopping for flash cards for Halle-Grace and came home with the following: multiplication tables, Presidents of the United States, Geography maps...and such! I had to LAUGH!!!
I could go on & on about Halle-Grace and everything she does and discovers each day! Life is GREAT and God is GOOD!