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Jun 20, 2009

19 months old on the 19th...HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

Little Miss Magic is 19 months old! She is doing SO much...too much to type! She is talking up a storm and will say just about anything you tell her to! She definitely has her mother's determination (Jason calls it an attitude...I call it DETERMINATION).

This is Jason's first FATHER'S DAY with Little Miss Magic home!
One of my favorite pics of Halle-Grace and Jason
He is the BEST dad! He amazes me with her everyday! He and Halle-Grace could get by without me (good but not good?!). Jason loves his coffee with all types of flavoring, sugar,, Halle-Grace decided on a cafe' size mug with her photos on it. It turned out perfect! It says "Happy Father's Day...Love, Little Miss Magic" I will have to post a pic of it. I took some of Jason's favorite photos of Halle-Grace and ordered it collage style! He loves it!!!

Happy Father's Day to my daddy and to Papa Gene. Life would NOT be complete without them. Jason reminds me a lot of my daddy as far as daddy still gives Suzanne and I hugs and kisses and tells us he loves us everytime we talk to him or see him! I think that is SOOO important for a little girl to hear from her daddy! I am glad Jason is the same way with Halle-Grace! Papa Gene just completes the family and brings tons of humor...which is the best medicine! He's the best! God has truly blessed me when it comes to "DADS" I have the best one in the world (even though he is a NUT...HA HA) and Papa Gene is just the BOMB...and now I see my husband, my soul mate in the "father" role!! It's GREAT!

I miss Papaw Pete who was the BEST Papaw! I am thankful he was able to know Hunter and Hannah was born the year he went to be with the Lord, so he knew her as a baby. If he could see them now, he would be so proud! And if he could see "Little Miss Magic" he would say "she's just like you, a hard head"! He had the BEST sense of humor and was a "straight shooter"... the most honest person! My inability to "funnel my thoughts before they come out of my mouth" came from Papaw Pete! HA HA. MEMORIES are little MIRACLES we should never let go of!
...And it makes me sad to think that I never had the chance to meet my Papaw Parker (my mom's dad). He passed away at a very young age! My mom tells me we would have been like "peas and carrots". He was into music and played all instruments...with his brothers and sisters (a music family...all natural talent). I have had the chance to sing with his siblings but I never did with him. I will one day...Papaw DW and I will sing in heaven and Papaw Pete will tell us if it sounds good or not!!! LOL! Seriously, if it's not good, he'll let us know! I thank God for the "fathers" who have blessed my life in SO many ways!

Thank you Lord for Fathers who love us and live by your example!