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Aug 31, 2010

Hours Away (Post from Jason on August 31, 2008)

Aug 31, 2008     Hours Away...

Wow, what a night...Who would have thought Shannon would have slept so well and I was the one up all night. So many things even within the wee hours of the morning have transpired. We even just got off the phone with Michelle Bond from State Department who wished us well and congratulated us on our tiny miracle.She said she feels we have done everything we could have done to answer the RFEs. I took from that it is simply now a matter of time to get our approvals.
There are so many things I want to say that I will keep this brief and add when we return this evening. Currently I am afraid of shorting out the computer as I type a few words and then dry my eyes, type a few words and wipe my nose. We are going to get our daughter...even now, saying and typing the words seems surreal. It has been way too long in coming. But nothing worth having comes easy, and nothing in this world is worth more than "our tiny miracle." I pray I will bless her in her life half as much as she has already blessed me...and I have yet to hear her for the first time say, "I love you daddy!" Wow, talk about melting a heart. It is already a molten pile of goo...More to come later today. For now, thanks for the emails, thoughts and prayers. God bless you all. We love you!

Posted by Jason 8/31/2008

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So excited for you!!!!!
Dave & Teresa

Jason you will be a wonderful, loving father. I am so bless to have you and Mike as the best fathers in the world for my grandchildren. God is with you and Shannon and Halle-Grace today and everyday from now on. This is the day we have all been waiting for. God Bless you.

This is the day that the Lord has made, and we are rejoicing with you. I told you and Shannon a long time ago, that God has special plans for you, and I still truly believe that to this day. I thank Him for His undying love for each of you, and just know that you all are going to be a great family. May God continue to Bless and Sustain you.
I love you all very much

Gabby is fine!!!

To Halle-Grace
I love you little one and I can't wait to see you and to hold you. You are sooo blessed to have a Christian Mom and Dad who love their God, and they will teach you all about Him, so you will learn to love Him too.
Oh, and by the way practice these words ........GOOOOOOO DUKE!

I’m checking the blog hourly, we are sooo thrilled for you. Looking forward to meeting you Halle-Grace! :-) As always you are in our prayers.
We love you,
Jan, Shawn, Owen, and Gabriel
We are sooo excited for you! Halle-Grace is one lucky little girl to have such wonderful parents. We can't wait for pictures. Hunter says Nooooo Duke - Go Tarheels is what she needs to learn!:) We Love you and will continue to pray for you. Pastor Dale had me stand up in church today and give an update. God has answered our prayers!! You are getting your precious daughter.

Jason, both you and Shannon are an inspiration. You are going to be the most incredible parents, as a matter of fact you already are - You never gave up the fight for your baby girl. God Bless your family. much love from Doug and I.
Jenn Stehlar

Jason & Shannon: I have been anxious all day thinking of you and your journey to Halle-Grace. Know that we have prayed for all 3 of you and the other 40+ families so much these last few weeks! As I type I hope you are arriving at the orphanage for your ceremony to bring your beautiful daughter home! God has so richly blessed you and all of us through your journey! Love to all of you!
The Crow family

It is 12:30 am back in NC, and I just got woke up by the most beautiful sound, my cell phone saying, you got mail. I read it to find out .... I am a new Granny. Me and Gabby are so excited, our(her) tail is just a waggin. My heart is just a jumpin...
Can not wait to see you all.
God Bless.
God bless, Shannon & Jason!! Go get Halle-Grace!!
Kris Ann
Much love from the hens! :)

Shannon and Jason,
I work with Suzanne and she has kept us up to date on the progress of Halle-Grace's adoption. Hannah is in my class and has told the whole class how excited she is about her new cousin. She can't wait for you to bring Halle-Grace home! She is already loved by so many. My family and church are praying for you all. I know this beautiful little girl will bless both of you in more ways than you can imagine. Congratulations!